JMA Auction Services


Here are just some of the services we, at JMAuctioneers, provide to our clients:

bidding2 storage-unit

• We will schedule times and route all locations for the entire year.
• We offer lien searches on any motorized vehicles/vessels/trailers, etc. ($25.00 FL;
$35 out-of-state)
• We handle all paper work including invoices, receipts for customers, and final billing
to each location manager.
• We regularly e-mail, call, text, and fax all the buyers with the information of each sale
and location. We also place ads on various e-sites.
• Online listings with all locations and times for the entire year.
• We post pictures of each unit along with a listing of items in the unit (when provided by facility) to attract and draw interested buyers to the sale nationwide.
• We also have online bidding at no extra charge for vehicles, vessels, or higher priced storage units.